Rebuilding For Moore

Like countless other businesses and homeowners, MODA client First American suffered extreme loss from Moore’s May 20, EF5 tornado. Luckily, no lives were lost during the storm, as employees were able to ride out the twister from the basement of the building. The original office, build sometime in the 1970’s, did not fare so well. While some small office items were salvageable, the entirety of the structure could not be reused. FirstAmerican-MooreTornado

Working with Timberlake Construction, our team has already completed the demolition of the existing site and structure, and we have begun to develop the design for the new building. The new facade will utilize soft curves to connect with the prominent I-35 frontage, complete with an impressive two-story rotunda space. The building will also include a basement that will act mainly as storage space, however in the unlucky case of another tornado, this area will act as a designated storm shelter for employees.

MODA knows that this project will not only be important to the employees and customers at First American, but also the entire Moore community. Rebuilding for First American is rebuilding for Moore, and we hope that this building will help restore this community.

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